Thursday, April 16, 2009


Hayden "graduated" to a big girl swing today! She had been using the "baby" swing still but now that I baby sit a baby she got bumped. She has been swinging on her tummy on them by herself but today was the first time I have pushed her on the big swing. She loved it!!! She kept saying weeeee and yee haw! We just loved soaking up the sunshine!
Dotty loves to chase the kids feet when they swing! This is Kade the little boy I watch. He is Amelia's best friend. Hayden loves it when they come too. She cheers "yeah Kade's home, Baby Jace is home!"
Is that a happy face or what! (how do they go from that to on the couch running a fever in about 30 minutes?)

Here are "my little boys" Larry loves it that I call them that. We just love having them at our house!
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