Friday, April 10, 2009

Cravings and true love!

So at 13 weeks pregnant I have had some off and on food cravings. My husband has learned that if I start fixating on a food it is much easier to run out and get it for me (because I am to lazy to do it my self!) then to listen to me keep going man I really want..... for days on end! So Last night I just kind of mentioned the fact that I had been craving pie for 2 days! He very sweetly said what kind do you want. I tried to do the "no, you don't have to I don't NEED pie." But he asked what time the store closed and decided he better do it now asked what flavor I wanted and headed out. The phone rang a few minutes latter because they didn't have the kind I had asked for. I ended up with Half a very yummy apple pie and me being the big pig that I am lately ate all but about 5 bites of it. Larry came in to finish it up and said, Mmmm what I could taste was really good. He is so nice to me and I was so selfish and pigged out! What a wonderful husband! I actually considered taking a picture of the pie last night for proof but I ate it too fast so sorry the only proof is the wrapper in my garbage can!

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