Saturday, April 11, 2009

Coloring Easter Eggs

(Some of the finished product we colored 4 dozen!)
We seem to always wait till the night before Easter to color eggs. I don't know if there is anyone else who does but it just ends up that way for us. We actually had a lot of fun this year because the kids were not fighting over colors, or yelling about wanting more eggs.... They were all having fun laughing and being creative. It got noisy but at least it was in fun.

Amelia had lots of fun trying to color things with the crayons and then dying the eggs.
Ethan got pretty creative trying to dip the eggs in more then one color. He made several that were 3 colors!
Brock was just having fun being silly, I think his fingers are tie-dyed!

The only reason Hayden's fingers aren't multi colored is because she got orange in the beginning and was NOT going to trade with anyone! She did every one of her eggs orange! She did have a lot of fun coloring the little orange cup with the color crayons. She was more patient then I thought she would be. I thought she would be putting them in and out in just a few seconds but she took more time with hers then most of the big kids! So all the orange eggs are very pretty! She didn't even want daddy to dip the top of his egg in her color so he could use a little orange! I think eventually he got one tip done but for the most part orange was HERS!
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Kim said...

The eggs look beautiful, and it looks like the easter egg hunt was action packed. Happy Easter.

The Hawaiian Gards said...

The eggs look beautiful!