Wednesday, April 22, 2009


This is Ethan's first year in Minor League baseball. He is loving it and has great coaches that are really helping him improve! He had his first game Saturday. I got there and realized that my memory card for my camera was still in the card reader at home!!! His second game was tonight. It was really cold! But I can't complain it didn't rain!!!! The only down side is whinny from the girls! Ethan plays center field.
Here they are getting ready to switch out during innings.
In the dug out!

Up to bat!
Now here is the exciting part! The very last inning it was tied 4 to 4 and we were up to bat last. If we scored we would win. One of our boys got beaned by the ball and they put Ethan in to run for him. Ethan got to steal 2nd. Run to third on a hit and we were down 2 outs! The last boy up to bat got to talk to the coach for a minute, then before we know it Ethan is running STEALING HOME!!! He slid like a pro and made the run to win the game!!!! He was soooo excited and so was the whole team! Way to go Ethan
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Mo said...

Hope that new cup saved him on the slide home!!!!

The Hawaiian Gards said...

Wow what a good looking baseball player! I think kids look so cute in uniforms. Good job Ethan.