Thursday, April 9, 2009


Amelia is doing Gymnastics at the YMCA for the next week. (It is a 4 week program and she just finished week 3) She is loving it! They have done lots of tumbling, uneven bars, balance beam, and vault. I think they will do rings next week too. We will see. She has had lots of fun doing it.
It was funny her teacher kept telling her to put her hands up after she landed and she didn't understand why. So when we got home we looked up some of Shawn Johnson in the Olympics and watched her doing a bunch of stuff and Amelia was really excited. I think she would love to do this for a long time and do all kinds of fancy tricks. I don't know if the program is set up for that but maybe in a year she will learn how to do a cartwheel.
(p.s. this may be one of the only or few pictures you will see of Amelia in pants! She will rarely if ever wear pants but I told her she could NOT do gymnastics in a dress or skirt! So she gives in for the 1/2 hour and promptly changes back into her skirt when we get home!)

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The Hawaiian Gards said...

Cool! Eve would be so jealous!! She's been begging me to put her in gymnastics. Go Amelia!