Saturday, April 28, 2012

 It was field trip month at our house. I got to go on both Brock and Amelia's field trips. I have missed a lot of these due to having nursing babies and all. So I was pretty excited to go... then I realized that riding on a bus full of kids is NOT as much fun as I remember... oh well it was fun to get to hang out with my kids. Brock's 4th grade class went to Ft. Vancouver. It rained off and on but we had a good time.
 The cool old Fort, above is the out side and below is Brock inside at the top.

 Brock checking inside the cannon
 The black smith shop
 Amelia got to go to the Zoo with the 2nd grade classes. This was a lot of fun! The only kids I was in charge of was Amelia! There were so many parents that the groups were very small! We walked around with her 2 little friends. It made it nice for me too because I had another grownup to hang out with.
 The Mountain Goat
 The girls Gretchen, Jocie, and Amelia by the leopard
The tiger. Right after this picture was taken my camera was dropped and broken... Hence I have no more pictures, and no pictures of the 2 field trips I took Hayden on for her 2 mommy and me preschool trips. We went to the Wacky Bounce House and then to the carousel. Both were fun!

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Corinne Ritz said...

I love going on field trips!