Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Zoo feild trip and Mothers Day weekend...

 So Larry bought me another new camera... didn't like the one I bought, so I was playing with it on our zoo trip. I like it a lot better and will return the other one! Here the cuties are looking at the Mt. Goats.

 Leopards. Ruth was so good at the zoo! She didn't fight the stroller (this is a major miracle if you know Ruth). I let her get out when we were looking at animals and she rode to the next animal and she stayed with me and never tried to run off!!! It was probably the most relaxing trip to the zoo I have ever had!

 She loved the tigers! This one was really active he wandered around and then hiked up the hill right at us. Ruth loved roaring and making all the animals sounds to each animal we saw!
 She loved the Zebra!

 Hippos, Rhinos

 The Lions were a hit! They loved the statues and the animals. They were napping when we got there and then they woke up! Even the "daddy" lion did wake up after this picture.

 Lion rides and a dental check up!
 Ruth LOVED this monkey! He swung across the top like monkey bars and she thought it was SO funny!

 Saturday the boys helped Daddy on our roof. Don't send me crazy messages about how wrong it is! They ALL have harnesses on!

 The girls helped me plant the garden... This is the small part of the garden, we just put the beans and lettuce here. We also planted 30 tomatoes, 6 cucumbers, 9 different peppers, and several other things.
 When all that hard work was done it was time to cool off in the sprinklers!

 Ethan got a taste of mom's water fighting skills... unfortunately he got me back! :)

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Corinne Ritz said...

Glad there is no such thing as all work and no play at your house. A hard day of work is always best when ended with a water fight!