Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Girls Camp

 Just before girls camp my parents celebrated their 40th anniversary! They are such a great example of how marriage should be. Thanks mom and dad for being awesome!

 It got to go to my 3rd girls camp as a "leader" in June. It was so much fun. I love getting to take my niece Johnnie with me. She keeps me on my toes!

 This years theme was Girl on Fire and each ward chose a value and a woman from scriptures, or history to represent that value and how living the values and standards helps them to be "On Fire!" It was a great theme! Our girls chose Integrity and Abish from the Book of Mormon.
 Kayla stole my camera.... can you tell...
 We had some fun games one day and this was the most exciting part when our team WON!!!
 Johnnie and I did the zip line! weeeeeeee

 This was on our hike with the 1st years! It was a lot of fun. I love those girls! (Not all of them are 1st years in fact we only had one 1st year the rest were our older girls that were there as helpers!)
 I had to hold Jessica down for this picture!!! She painted I love 1st years on her face.... while looking in the mirror. She was pretty embarrassed but it was a highlight of my week! She laughed so hard she cried and fell on the ground!

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