Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring Break.... anniversary

(Ok I just published this and then looked at the photos... all I could think was 12 years ago hu... seems like last month and I don't remember being that skinny...)
I feel like I have been neglecting my blog as of lately... not because we haven't been busy, but because most of the time I feel like if I don't have a picture I don't really want to put anything up... I haven't been taking all that many pictures lately. So just for an update. The boys are doing piano lessons, and Cub Scouts, the girls are in dance, and now we get a week "off" for spring break. Grandma took the kids ALL 5 for the weekend so Larry and I could go away for our anniversary. It was so nice to have a little break. We only went to Lincoln City for one night (not thinking we were going to have a whole weekend). We shopped and ate yummy food, stayed Friday night and then headed to Portland for a ward temple trip. Which was really nice to have to feel rushed about getting back to get a baby sitter home! It was a little weird to be in our house and have it be sooooo quiet. Usually during the summer if mom takes kids for Grandma camp I still have the dog. Which follows me everywhere like a shadow! But she went with the kids (since we were not going to be home!) Anyway it was a nice break though. Larry made me breakfast Sunday. (our actual anniversary! 12 years!) I made cookies for my beehives, we had tons of time with out 5 kids to get ready. Then he made me dinner as well. It was a wonderful weekend full of rest. Then Monday I went to Prineville and picked the kids up. My sister in law Angela followed me with her kids. They spent Monday and Tuesday night with us. We spent Tuesday at OMSI, and then I kept the kids Wednesday morning so she could go to the temple. The rest of spring break is going to be filled with (tomorrow) cleaning and maybe a trip to the store, and Friday I will be at the scrapbook convention shopping and then dancing in a talent show with a few friends for their ward. Anyway I didn't take any pictures of all of this stuff we have done so just enjoy my narrative... or not since I am sure no one reads it anyway, it is for me anyway.


Corina said...

i read your blog!! i love your blog, i get all kinds of fun ideas of what to do with my kid(future s)!! you are amazing!

Corina said...

i read your blog! i love your blog, your kids are hilarious and adorable! i get all kinds of ideas of fun stuff to do with my kid (future s)! you are amazing