Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Not so Great Wolf Lodge

For Christmas our Family got a trip to the Great Wolf Lodge for EVERYONE! Both my brothers families, us, my little sister and her new family, and my parents. All the travel arrangements had been made, my sister was on a flight from Las Vegas to come and go with us.... we get there snow and ice had taken out all the electricity for the entire town where the GWL is and the Lodge was CLOSED! We all had to go home! They had planned a baby shower for my little sister and her first baby, so instead we all went back to Prineville to spend some fun time together there. I am sure we had just as much fun there as we would have had at the GWL... ok it was fun but not THAT much fun! We have re booked and will be spending time there in March, minus my sister since she will be weeks from having her first baby! Anyway here is a cute picture of the cake my mom got for the baby shower. She got lots of cute things for baby Myka to wear, and all the fun baby things. (Mom and I made her a scrapbook for the first year or so of life although I let her know it was mostly from me.... )

I couldn't pass up posting this juice face with a plate full of pizza and grapes! 2 of her favorite things!
This is my sister and her Husband Todd. She is looking cute all pregnant! Love her! He is pretty cool. My kids think he is pretty cool. All the boys went shooting while the girls did the baby shower stuff!

And of course there had to be a lot of this after the shower!!! If you look close you can see how red Ethan's face is from screaming. I think this was just before the melt down. (There has to be one.) But it was a lot of fun until then! The kids had a great time wrestling with the uncles. Even when Ethan's head was busted open!

All the kids attacking Sunny. He was flipping them over his shoulder (this is how Ethan busted his head open, One kid over the shoulder, teeth in Ethan's head, it was minor and stopped bleeding quick!)

DOG PILE! (at least that is what we always called them!) Ruth always wants to be on top. I will lift her up there and then get her out of the way she always ends up getting trampled. (not sure why)

You can see how much they all LOVE IT!

Sunny even did the steam roller. All the kids begged him to do this and lined up over and over to do it! It was pretty funny!

This is what Grandpa did the whole time the kids were running around, wrestling, and screaming! Not sure how he does it!

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