Monday, December 17, 2007

It's a Boy X 2!!!

My Brother- In - Law and sister in law Scott and Annette just had a baby boy! He is beautiful! (Of course!) If you want to see his story and beautiful face you can click on Scott and Annette's link!
But before he was born my Sister in Law Jenniann had her baby December 6th! He was 9+ LBS! He's a whopper! I can't wait to see him this weekend. I will post pictures when I get back from visiting him! I can't wait to go and snuggle the baby!


Alli said...

You know that's dangerous, don't you? Snuggling a newborn baby? Should we expect another mini Davis approximately nine months from this weekend?

Amanda said...

Absolutly not!!!! It is kind of a major process for us to even try to get pregnant and I am not having it done on a whim just because I smelled new baby!!! It will be a while still if there will be another baby Davis!

Amanda said...

I was actually expecting some one to freak out about the title and jump to conclusions that we were having twins or something. Oh well! I guess everyone who really knows me knows that that wouldn't be exciting news from me. I would be crying and in the fetal position. Not announcing it on my blog!