Thursday, December 20, 2007

Oh Fudge!

I had to share what happened to me today. My 13 month old baby started crying and throwing what can only be called a tantrum. So I tried to see what she wanted. I thought oh she is hungry. So I offered her one of her favorites, pretzels, no this only made her more mad, I offered her sippy cup no!!! So I would set her down and she would throw her self down and scream. I even walked to the other room and out side for a few minutes to see if she would stop..... NO. So I picked her back up to try to sooth her. NO! So I thought she can show me what she wants, So we go to the kitchen where she is pointing she is pointing to the counter so we go closer, there is the pan of fudge I finished making about 20 minutes earlier... She is reaching and crying. I tell her no and walk away. So she gets more hysterical and out of control.... after trying the experiment again 5 minutes later to see if that is still what she wants and of course it is (smart girl!) I am thinking, it isn't set up yet.... and I really don't think feeding my baby fudge is the best choice. But I give in (I know what would Dr. Phil say!) But How can I deny my sweet baby. (ha ha!) So I caved to make the crying stop! I give her less then an inch piece and she is in heaven but only for a minute because that was not enough to satisfy the chocolate craving apparently! So She starts to cry again till I cut another small piece and she devours it but this time happy in the end! I have spoiled this sweet baby! I never never never would have fed Ethan fudge at 13 months old! I was so strict on what he ate! But I take comfort in the fact that she still loves all those wonderful things that are good for her, veggies, fruit, meat, and dairy. So I guess I haven't totally ruined her!


The Shinkle's said...

She sounds like piece of chocolate is never enough! Cute Story!

Mo said...

That's my girl!! She knows what's good for her and she knows how to get it. Before you know it... it will be diamonds and batting her eyes to get them!

Shaun & Denise said...

good for her. equal rights for equal babies.

from anna g.