Saturday, January 19, 2008

Walking with Dinosaurs!!!

So Santa so kindly left Ethan, Brock, Larry and I tickets to this amazing show called "Walking With Dinosaurs the live Experience" I think I was just as excited as the boys were! I could hardly wait! (the girls were to little to go) So today was the day and it was Amazing! So amazing I couldn't wait till tomorrow to post it on my blog. Who cares I that I should be in bed I wanted to share this with you all so here it is! It was amazing and WOW all I can say is WOW! The Dinosaurs are life size, and just amazingly detailed and life like! Our boys loved it! There were Dino battles, dino's eating, Dino's with their baby's, even a Dino pooping!!!! INCREDIBLE! We loved it! I told Larry if I could get a hold of that old song back from when I was in middle school that "Walk the Dinosaur" song I would do a video montage, but I am not that crazy so you will have to settle for a few pictures. Please excuse that some of them might be a little blurry but we were not allowed to use flash photography (even though some people DON"T OBEY THE RULE! I wasn't willing to risk it because who knows when a T-rex can come out and eat you!) so it was hard sometimes to get one to take fast enough to get it to take clearly. But some of them were amazing and you can see the sheer size. I loved it we all did. We finished the night off by taking the boys to a special dinner. Brock couldn't wait because we were "going in" which means we weren't going through a drive through. We ate at Applebee's (my favorite!). What a treat! I hope you enjoy the pictures I am going to try to add a link to the site so you can see more of their stuff!


Alli said...

Thank you for NOT using that song, as it would've surely been stuck in my head for the next few weeks. Glad you guys had fun. It looks really cool!

Amanda said...

What do you mean.... Just thinking about that song I now have it stuck in my head!!!