Thursday, January 31, 2008

Ready, Set, GO!!!

So as you can see our sweet little girl is now on 2 wheels! (well two feet anyway!) She is much better then these pictures show though. She can get most of the way across a room with out falling, but if she can push something she definatly does. She is loving this independance and the attention everyone gives her. Our older 3 kids all make a big deal about almost every step so it has been a lot of fun for her and them. I guess it is time since she is almost 15 months! I don't encourage it at all though untill they are well over one since I love the fact that more things are out of reach since now she wants to climb too!!!! AHHHH What will I do if she is a monkey? I can't count how many things I take a way from her a day now but if she can reach more I will be in trouble!!! I might actually have to clean my house. We sure love her though this has been a fun new adventure for us all!


The Shinkle's said...

I love the ponytails...oh I dream of the day I can do that with Avery's hair. Little sticker is 4on Feb. 7th and she doesn't have much more hair than she did when she was 2. Those are great photos Amanda.

The Gatherum's said...

Wonderful. Abigail told me she was walking when you taught preschool. Now I see the proof.

Amanda said...

I love the pigtails too! I get them in as soon as there is enough hair to hold them! She will allow those but not clips for some reason... Oh well they are cute and keep the hair out of her face. It is a lot of fun finding new things to do with their hair Amelia loves the french braids and all that stuff. I am always looking at other girls, tv and trying to get new ideas of things to do with thier hair!!! The walking is a lot of fun! She is so proud of her self and wants me to watch every time!!!

The Davis' said...

I love it! Thanks for sharing these photos! Scott & I adore them.