Monday, February 4, 2008

Look who's 4!

So Feb 3rd was Amelia's 4th Birthday! She was born 02-03-04! Her Daddy loves that because it is so easy to remember. She was almost a Groundhogs day baby but she held out just long enough. We had a very small friend party but it was just right for her. I thought I would post a few pictures of her on her special day. The Friend party was actually on the 2nd since her birthday was on Sunday, but Grandma and Grandpa and Grandma Lucy came over on her birthday.

They played Wormy Apples, London Bridges, and Musical Chairs at the party!

Daddy picked up this bike for Amelia! She can't wait for there to be a sunny day so we can ride to get Ethan from school!!!

Granpa Davis built this beautiful table and chairs for Amelia. Now she has a fun little place to have tea parties with her dolls, or just sit and play with her most favorite things, her Ponies, and Polly Pockets! She got some new ones for her birthday and then carried them everywhere with us today as we went grocerie shopping! (I made her leave the tiny peices home so they wouldn't get lost.) She is in heaven!!!!

I wish I had been digital when she was born because I would love to post pictures of her as a baby and her now! But Pictures of her big day are good enough! I'll post more later when I take some pretty ones for my wall!
This is the Hello Kitty cake she wanted me to make her! I was supprised at how easy and fast it was to make. I guess I shouldn't be suprised when the cakes are easy anymore. I have had enough practice now that I have found tricks to make them fast, easy and really cute!!! Most of the time with no pattern and just from our own ideas!!! I am glad she picked this one because I had fun making it and I was proud of how it turned out! Our next Birthday is Ethans and we have a really fun idea for his cake too! Wait and see what that one will be!


N & K Caulder said...

You're more than welcome to share that story. Glad you enjoyed it!

Amelia's cake is SO cute! I'm proud of you for making that without a pattern.

The Davis' said...

Happy, happy birthday Amelia!!!! I remember the day she was born and we saw her in the hospital... time sure does fly! Now she's 4 yrs, WOW.

Fabulous cake too! Good job!

Mo said...

Great cake! Maybe one of the best you've done. (Must be the decorater thing you used!)Wish I was there for the birthday.

Amanda said...

It was a fun and easy cake! It was a fun day to. Very relaxed. Maybe I should do a fancy cake for Larry's birthday next week!

Amanda said...

It was a fun and easy cake! It was a fun day to. Very relaxed. Maybe I should do a fancy cake for Larry's birthday next week!

Alli said...

The cake is awesome! Good work. I can't believe she's 4 already.

Kim said...

Cute pictures, I can't believe she is already four, that blows me away. Okay so I see that Kelli and Lance have a blog, but I can't get on. How do I get on? Help me. I would love to see what they are up too. Let me know.

The Hawaiian Gards said...

Wow! 4 Happy Birthday!! I loved the cake good job!