Monday, February 25, 2008

Lehi's Journey

So as the Primary President in our ward I have the privilege of getting to have lots of fun with the kids. I also have the amazing opportunity to work with some amazing women (my counselors). Sister Jackson had this amazing idea to have us go on Lehi's journey for our Primary activity this past Saturday and it was a lot of fun for everyone. The kids started out moving from room to room putting together packets to use for Family home evening. They made a game called Lehi's journey, they got little signs to use for leading songs for FHE and they practiced using them, they made and FHE chart, got all the figures and stories to tell the story of Lehi's journey on their flannel board, and then they finally got to pretend they were Lehi's family in a tent and get their own Liahona! They all had so much fun (including the leaders) and went home all ready to teach several FHE's all on their own! But before they left they also got to do some activities that Nephi might have done. There was a maze to go through to go and find the Brass plates, then they could milk the goat, and shoot bows and arrow's. We even had some snack's for them under the tent. There was Pita chips, dried fruit and nuts, Graham crackers, and jerky. What a fun day!!!


Alli said...

I am SO impressed! It looks like it was a blast - I hope you were feeling good enough to enjoy it all.

Kim said...

Fun to see pictures of our old church and some of the ole folk there too. Good job,on the activity looked like they were having fun.

N & K Caulder said...

Hey, I know some of those kids/people! I loved hearing about this from Melody. You guys did such an amazing job. I loved the goat too. How creative your hubby is! I hope you continue to share your cool ideas for primary with us!