Tuesday, February 26, 2008

"Letters to Me"

I don't know how many of you listen to Country Music but Brad Paisley has a song out called, "Letters to Me" and it is all about if he could write a letter now and give it to himself at age 17 what he would say. I have heard this song a lot and today when I heard it it kind of inspired me as to what I might say if I were to write a letter to me at age 17. I hessitate to really do this wondering if I can be really honest with myself in a "public" setting like this. I try not to talk about my actual feelings about myself to much because I don't always like how I end up feeling in the end. But I wanted to give it a try. I might not put everything I truly would say on my blog simply to keep from embarrassing myself but I will try to be as real and candid as I can.... So here I go.

Dear Amanda,
To prove that this is really you 12 years later I will tell you the first boy who tried to kiss you was Ryan Watson and you hit him in the face with a hair brush, then ran and hid in your room. Then he ended up holding you down on the playground and kissing you all over your face. (now days that might be considered Sexual harassment and he would probably get kicked out of school!)
I know that while you are 17 Raymond is your boyfriend and at times you even think you will marry him. I would tell you to relax. Enjoy the friendship that you two have, he will be one of your best friends for a long time if you can keep in touch and remember that that is way more important then any of the other "stuff."
As for other friendships, stay close to Katie. Things get rocky I know but if you aren't careful you will loose contact with each other. I know it can be hard but having girlfriends is worth it in the long run, and having boyfriends are more trouble then they are worth. At least like steady boyfriends. Your friends that are boys will always be so much fun and leave you with some of the best memories from High school! Please please be bold and share the gospel with Tiffany! I think if you share your testimony with her and be open and honest with her she will join the church. Even if it isn't in high school she will be open to it later in her life. My biggest regret from high school is that I didn't boldly share it with her. She got lots of opportunities to get glimpses but you need to be open to sharing it with her. Don't be afraid!
Your doing a good job in school and keep it up, seminary too! Just do your best and know that that is good enough. Remember that High School is also about having fun. Although I know you have plenty of that!
Don't take dating in college to seriously either. I know it is a big deal at first to go from dating boys to returned missionaries... but it isn't as complex as you think it is and don't take it to seriously, don't over think it all. Just relax, have fun and enjoy your time! I know you will! YOu will make some of the best friends you will ever have who will imact your life for the rest of your life! Take lots of trips with them, be young, have fun, and don't pass up an opportunity to just enjoy life.
You will get married, you will love him more then you can imagine right now and it will always continue to grow. You will have great kids together but remember to take your time with them also. They are only little for such a short short time so enjoy them while you can and do fun things with them. I know you will but try not to take to much of life seriously and remember they are just little.
Spend some extra time with Grandma and Grandpa and always tell them how much you love them. Make sure Bishop Ditto knows how much you appreciate all he has done for you, and what a good example he and his whole family has been on your life. They will continue to change who you are the rest of your life!
But also make sure the day your mom takes you to college you give her an extra hug and thank her for all she has done, don't be in a hurry to get out on your own. Do the same on your wedding day! I would say take this advice for most of your life DON'T be in a hurry for anything to pass. Just enjoy the stage your in because it will pass to quickly.
"See you in the Mirror!"


Kim said...

I love it, good job. It's a fun concept 17 seems like an million years ago. It's interesting to see how one's life unfolds from there. Be proud of sharing, I think we need to be less afraid of truly sharing what is going on inside, afterall we all struggle and we are all on a journey to find out who we really are. It's theraputic to just put yourself out there I think you grow when you do. Thanks for sharing.

Alli said...

That was very thoughtful! Thanks for sharing. I don't know what I'd write to myself...I'll have to think about that one.

kgditto said...

Amanda - you are still 17 to me and full of fun and love for everyone...proud to be a Latter-day Saint and trying to live so that others know it. When I see pictures of you as a mother, or read your blog entries, I have a hard time picturing you in that full time mother mode. Thanks for the journey down memory lane...... debbie