Sunday, September 28, 2008

Primary Activity

I Hope they call me on a mission!

Yesterday we had our primary quarterly activity. It was all about missionary work. We gathered the kids in the primary room and Sister Allen helped the kids memorize D&C 4:3. She had them singing it to the tune of ABC's and they had it done in just minutes. It was really great. Then we gave them their little bags that Sister Jackson made them that had little pass- along cards (these are cards that tell about what our church believes, so that you can give away to share our beliefs with others.) We also gave each of the kids a Book of Mormon and challenged them to pray about someone to share it with. Then each of them drew a "mission" out of the bowl. There were four places to go, Japan, Argentina, Sweden, and Winter Quarters. But first they had to go to the "MTC" the Missionary Training Center. Where they learned some great skills.
Here is Ethan learning to "shave." All the kids shaved a balloon with a Popsicle stick. (This was lots of fun!Here is Amelia learning to sew on a button.
This is some of the primary children writing letters to some of the missionaries from our ward and while they were there they were setting a goal or setting the date as to when they would be prepared to serve their mission or they were choosing which temple they wanted to be married in!
They had a fun relay race of getting dressed to be a missionary. The boys put pants, shirt, tie, and shoes on and the girls had a dress, top, socks, and shoes. It was pretty fun to see the little girls walking in heals!
They then boarded the "CTR Airline" plane to take them to their missions. This Brother made it lots of fun for the kids. They even ran into some "turbulence!" And of course their had to be some in air snacks of pretzels!We had some wonderful members in our ward offer to teach the children about the wonderful places they served their missions in. This one served in Japan and the kids loved his station, He had their shoes off, on the floor, and eating rice with chopsticks!

This brother served in Sweden and taught the kids some Swedish phrases, and fed them Swedish meatballs! They had the room very dark because he was telling them at this time of year there it is very cold and dark.
Argentina was really great to . He had tons of pictures of places he had lived and told the kids all these wonderful things about his country, and his service! He had lots of stuff for the kids to look at!
This Sister served in Winter Quarters Visitor Center and had a great time teaching the kids about the pioneers. She had them loading a "hand cart" aka coolers full of the things they might take if they were going on a trip. The kids had a lot of hands on fun in her room.
In the end we gave them each a package of M&M's because now they were ready to be "Mormon Missionaries" It was a fun day and we had lots of wonderful people help make it be such a fun day!
Today we practiced our Sacrament meeting program for the first time. It was about par for the course.... There were just so many kids missing it was hard to get a real feel for how it will actually go. We have one more week to practice I hope more of the children are there!


Rory Baxter said...

sounds like you had a FABULOUS time - and a great experience for everyone!
You are such an awesome Primary President!
Keep up the good work!

Alli said...

I LOVE what you guys did with it, all the MTC ideas are really cute.