Sunday, September 28, 2008

Full of Hot Air!

Yesterday morning while I was loading the truck with stuff to take to the church for our primary activity I saw a bunch of hot air balloons floating very close to our house I ran in and yelled at the kids to come and see. They were all so excited and watched for a few minutes. I left and 2 blocks away I realized I forgot one thing so ran back and saw one landing in the park just a block away from our house so I told them to go see. They all went down there with my husband while I went to set up. When they came to the church an hour later they were so excited because they had gotten to go for a ride! I wasn't there and I had the camera so I have no pictures of my own. If you want to see some of my boys in the balloon you can go to Shawn and Denise's blog. I am going to try to get some of the pictures just for scrap booking and I might get a few loaded here too! We will see!

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The Gatherums said...

Cute kids, and nice blog link