Monday, July 19, 2010

Week 5 of Summer break!

This last week was pretty fun. It was pretty relaxing. The kids played a lot and we got lots done! We ended the week with a really fun camping trip. We had planned to go with our friends the Cooper-Leavitt's and some of our other friends from the ward ended up camping right next door! What luck! It was sooo much fun. We put the kids to bed and we stayed by the camp fire till late in the night just visiting and getting to know each other better! But here are some pictures of the fun we had this past week! Next week is Cub Camp Hopefully I will get some pictures of show of that for next week. I am only going one day to help out. We have jam packed the rest of the week with boy free activities!
Brock was helping Ethan weed the garden this past week and was very very excited to find this worm!!! I thought it was gross but pretty cool!

Brock's big worm!

My pool boy! He does a good job of keeping the pool cleaned out. It has been so much fun having this pool. I have to admit it makes me never want to pack everyone up to go to the public pool again! So nice to open the door and jump in! Oh and Hayden can can nap in the middle of it all!

LOVE this face and this sweet girl!

Boat full of fun! Look close that is the only picture I got of the boys! They were so busy I never got a chance to get a picture of them!

I love this picture because Hayden is really "deep" in the water. I say that because she is my kid who usually stands on the side throwing rocks, and rarely gets in deeper in then her knees. But she loves to play with Ava and Amelia so she just followed them out. It was so cute watching them pretend to defend the castle from "bad guys" with their water guns!

Ruth had a nice nap on the blanket while the girls were swimming and the boys were on the boat.

Ava and Amelia had a great time on the tubes! They were so cute, and so brave!


DG said...

Shaun wants to know why you don't swim laps in you backyard pool? I was thinking circles would be better.

Looks like your summer is filled with tons of memories. It is nice that you are blogging each week. I would, but I am afraid it would say the same thing each week. We are busy, but pretty much doing the same busy things.

Amanda Davis said...

I have done laps around it when the kids and I make a whirlpool. It is pretty funny! Then we walk backwards in the flow!

Kelli said...

That was a big worm