Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Week 6 of Summer Break/ Cub Day Camp

Brock loved Cub Camp. He had gone to the day care area a few times when I helped with Ethan at camp but this was his first year being a cub himself. He came home every day excited about all the cool stuff they made and did. It was a fun week for all!
Brock at the snack station. They made Bananas rolled in grapnuts, Cinnamon and sugar. It was actually pretty good.

Brock loved the rock station. He got to break open his own thunder egg. It was a really cool one too!

Brock's shooting improved everyday. The first day he hardly ever hit the paper. The next day he made lots of holes and even a couple bulls eyes! He got better and better each day!

After spending the morning with Brock at day camp I spent the afternoon with Ethan. This is the only year that they will over lap in Cub Scouts so next 2 years I will just be with Brock like the last 2 years have been with Ethan. All the boys' favorite stations are BB guns and archery. Every day I would ask what was your favorite part they always said archery! I didn't get pictures of Brock doing archery because he did it in the afternoon after Ethan had already been there. Funny thing is that Brock got a bulls eye at archery. What makes it even funnier is the sister that had swapped boys with me told me that Brock's bulls eye was the only arrow that even hit the paper!

Ethan playing a team work game at camp.

This is what Ruth thought of the hole thing! Actually she was a very good girl. She napped, and was happy when she was awake. She was ready to get DOWN and play on the floor when we got home though! She was sick of the snugglie and stroller. But very patient!

While the boys were at camp the girls and I went grocery shopping, they played with friends the day I helped, we went to the library, and picnic in the park and the last day we went fabric shopping. We jammed the week full but everyone had fun! I will post this next week Ruth's new tricks! (sitting up!)
Oh we also during the weekend did some house work, and attended the wards Pioneer Day activity. It was a lot of fun!

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