Monday, August 9, 2010

Week 7 of Summer break!

One of the highlights of me week before vacation was this activity with the Young Women. I had been planning it for about 2 months and we kept having to bump the date... We ended up doing it with all the YW instead of just the beehives so I wouldn't miss it while on vacation. I gave all my stuff to the Mia maids class so they could run it since they were in charge of the combined activity this month. It was a daddy daughter activity that was lots of fun! Larry came to be a "dad" for one of my sweet beehives. They had lost of fun. The dad's "caught" pudding in ice cream cones, caught Cheetos on their heads covered with shaving cream, relay races eating things out of a bag, and a pie eating contest. We had so many pies left the Young men got in the action at the end and then they talked the Young Women Leaders in to doing one. I won. (Technically I didn't eat the whole thing, I had about a quarter left and I knew it was NOT going to fit so I smeared it on my face to make it look gone.) It was funny though. I was smelling pudding for the rest of the evening till I showered and got a good clean nose!

This was the week right before our family vacation. So I didn't get it posted before we left. It was crazy busy mostly with preparations of going camping for 8 days but there were a few highlights!

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