Sunday, August 29, 2010

Week 11 of Summer vacation!

Last week on my way to the beach with the Youth I had 2 of the Young Women tell me that they wished we were going to the zoo instead and that they loved the zoo! I told them that we wanted to go Friday but didn't so we were wanting to go next week, so they should come with me. They were really excited so we set a date for Tuesday. It was so much fun to have 2 teenagers with me. The kids thought it was fun too. It was nice having a few extra hands and fun people to hang out with. (Not that my kids aren't fun to hang out with!) I was glad Amanda and Shellbie went with us. Even if it did take to long to get there, and they had to listen to 5 kids all day. They seemed to have fun too. It was great.

The Lion's are "new" at the zoo. It was the first time we have seen them. The statues were cute so I piled the kids on them for a quick picture!

This is Amanda Quinn with my kids looking at the cute animals.

Kids and a giraffe! So cute!

Brock's sweet friend Leah made him this dinosaur kite. I had to take a picture of him trying to fly it Thursday. It actually does ok.

Can't go camping with out a campfire! The kids love this part of camping. Who wouldn't! It was fun. We didn't do marshmallow's this time but we did have cobbler. Yum!

Out on the boat! Brock and Ethan both took some really great knee board trips. They saw a guy do a 360 on a knee board while we were there so they decided they were going to try it. They both got really close. They could do a 180. Pretty cool!

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