Saturday, October 8, 2011

Look Who's 2!!!

I love this peanut! We have been so blessed to have her in our family! She has brought so much joy to our home and life! She is adored by all her siblings as well. She keeps me on my toes and teaches me so much. Here I think I have raised 4 others passed this point and I think I have "seen it all" but NO she is whole other nut to crack! I love that she is this way and fills our life with ACTIVITY! I will post a few examples of her more recent "activities" that keep me guessing.
I realize this is sideways but if you look she pushed her scooter over so she could open the door. She succeeded in getting it open enough to climb back down and get out the door and bring in a few of the gourds from the front porch. She did this yesterday!
She has learned how to get on and off this horse all by herself! She not only will ride it side saddle like this but she will STAND on it and bounce it!!! I am telling you if I don't have a heart attack before she grows out of this phase it will be a miracle. I don't think a day goes by with out me finding her into or on top of something new.
Saturday (yesterday) I was in my craft room and I had set a foot board from a bed frame up against the wall (it has rungs like a latter) I turn around and she has climbed this (latter) to the top and was working on trying to climb the book shelf!
This is one of her new favorites as well. PLEASE FORGIVE THE MESS!!! It is bazaar season and it is what it is. Saturday I spend doing a major clean up so I could function again... well for a few days anyway! But NOTICE she pushed her scooter (again) over to the chair and climbed up, she will also climb onto the desk as well. Yes I know she has no panties on in the picture. So sorry. This is another thing she likes, to be naked! She doesn't like to get dressed or wear clothes so if she can get them off or get away with out she will. She loves to try to play with the mouse or key board. The librarians hate her I think because she is always trying to get to the computers there too. In fact she even turned one of them off and rebooted it last week.
Here she is at the boys football game! She was so dirty!!!!! She has not been to another one since! IT was either let her be dirty, or let her climb the bleachers... I chose dirt it was safer then falling to her death! OOOOHHHH Baby Ruth I love you and all the cuteness you are. Yes you keep me running but I love how snugly you are, how sweet you are with your baby and Elmo, and how Amazing you personality is!!!
It seems like just yesterday she scared us on her way out! Her birth was quite the event! And I thank my Father in Heaven everyday for getting you hear safely! Now if he can just keep you safe, I try but I really need his help! Everytime I turn around there you are again!

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