Monday, October 10, 2011

Ruth's 2nd Brithday Bash!

Ruth loves to sweep! Every time I get my broom out she wants to sweep with me. I happen to have 2 brooms but she is always hitting me and everything else with the giant broom so I thought getting her a little mop and broom her own size would be perfect. It sure was she didn't want to put it down and she kept running into the kitchen to sweep and we had to coax her into opening any other presents.
Grandpa got Ruth a new baby doll. You can see the OLD one she has been dragging around is getting pretty dirty, plus it is an old one of her sisters (she hasn't ever had one of her own) She has been VERY attached to that doll the other night I couldn't find it and NO other doll would do! We finally found it the next day in the boys room. She now loves to carry both around plus her broom, and if she can manage she will hold all 3 and lay on her new Dora pillow pet that Great Grandma Lucy gave her! (Which made her soon to be 5 year old sister burst into tears the second she saw it! She LOVES Dora and has been begging for a pillow pet but I refuse to buy one because my mom MADE them pillow pets before pillow pets were cool and they are way cooler then some stupid pillow pet!) anyway I told Hayden to let Grandma Lucy know that she loved it and wanted one to and maybe she could get one for her birthday that is just a month away! That helped! Ruth loves hers I think even more because her big sister covets it so!

This is her little toy toaster she got that actually pops the toast up when the timer goes off!

She got this little pie that has 4 different fruits you put inside the pie. She likes it but her big sisters love it more I think. But really the broom, doll and pillow pet are about all she can handle!
I made her an Elmo cake because she also LOVES Elmo and has for a LONG time. She also carries Elmo just about every where we go and she sleeps with him a lot... he gets a little less love now that she is so into babies but still she loves him, now that she has 2 babies to love though he may be history because her arms aren't long enough to hold all 3!
I wasn't sure if she would even see that it was Elmo on the cake but once she saw it she yelled "Meh Mo (or sounds more like Memo) then she started squealing soooo exciting! I was so glad it made her that happy because seriously I thought it was going to be SOOO easy because I have done 3 dimensional cakes and those are HARD this was just squirting frosting on a formed cake.... it took a long time, mostly because I did so many colors, and I made the frosting.... But it was worth it! She also loved blowing the candle out. Hayden did it one time to show her what to do and then I couldn't get a picture of it because as soon as Larry would light it she would blow. It was so cute! She really liked it. I told Hayden she better watch out next month or Ruth will blow hers out too! We let her do it several times it was so cute!

We love you baby Ruth!!! Happy 2nd birthday!
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jrkaman said...

Where did you get your small broom?? I've been looking everywhere for one for Addison!

Amanda Davis said...

Toys R Us. It is the only place I could find one!