Friday, June 8, 2012

Camping at Beaverly Beach

 Last weekend we went camping our favorite Beach camping spot. Beverly Beach. We were more then half way there when we realized neither of the boys listened when I said GET A COAT! So we ran all over Depot Bay and Newport looking for sweat shirts for Larry and Brock (I had a jacket and a sweatshirt so I let Ethan wear mine!)
 Hayden loving roasting marshmallows! And below is Amelia's classic messy face after smores!

 The beach was a little chili but it didn't rain much (till we were done playing that is)
 Ruth LOVED digging and running in the sand. This is a miracle since EVERY TIME she has been to the beach she screams her head off the WHOLE TIME! So this was WONDERFUL!
 The boys doing their usual, dig, and build dams

 I couldn't get enough of Ruth's cuteness! Also I had to take a picture of Dotty. She LOVES the beach too. I think she loves feeling wild and free! I also needed to share that this sweat shirt that I bought Larry full filled one of his life long desires. He told me after he put it on he had always wanted a sweatshirt with a pocket that went all the way through to the other side (you know the one big pocket in front) He hadn't ever had one even as a kid. So glad to make your dreams come true! (And for only $12.95 at Walmart!)

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