Friday, June 15, 2012

A whole bunch of stuff!

 Last weekend we went to Prineville to be with family and meet my newest niece Myka! Her mom (my sister Emily) and her husband Todd came to Prineville so Myka could be blessed and so we could all see her! We are so lucky!!! SOOOO CUTE! I just love her. I only got a few pictures of her because the rest of the time I was holding her or dealing with my own kids. (mostly holding her!) She is so beautiful and just the sweetest baby!!! LOVE HER!
 This one is Ruth at Grandmas she was "dancing" if you look you can see she is standing on one foot with the other knee bent foot up! LOVE IT! She is always trying to dance and be a ballerina like sisters!
 Tuesday June 12th we had our 3rd recital. We since they are my students and girls. It was so fun and I have seen so much improvement! I am just so proud of all of them!!! I love watching them grow and get better! I am looking forward to the next session! I am going to do a 2 week summer camp and get to do a lot of just for fun stuff I am really looking forward too!

 MY little dancers! I really was proud of all of them!!! They looked so cute in their yellow tutu's!
 Today has been the first day since we have been out of school where it has acted like summer! We broke out the little pool (dad has to set up the big one I can't even lift it!) Maybe tonight! They are still out there having a blast!!! Funny part to me is all that pasty white skin! In a few weeks they will all be nice and golden brown!  Well if the weather holds anyway! Lets pray for that since I am leaving for girls camp in a few days! And Grandma doesn't want to be stuck in the house while it rains all week either! Pray for sun!!!

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