Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Girls camp 2012

 Last month (June) I spent a week with the Young Women in our ward at girls camp. Thanks to my wonderful mom who came and took care of my family while I was gone. This first picture was taken as we packed up to leave. Sorry it is taking so long to get this up here but I have been slammed since I got home... I keep thinking maybe I will take a nap today... hasn't happened yet. I did I guess on Sunday but that was super short, and NOT restful with 4 kids wanting something every minute and a half, so I guess I really didn't get one then either.
 This is a "snake" braid that Kylie made up on Johnnies hair.... it quickly cam back out.
 One of our sitting around the fire evenings... I didn't take many pictures. I had my camera all week and hardly ever took it out... most of the pictures taken were by the girls.
 We got all "geared up" to go play some Olympic games in the RAIN!
 Love her garbage bag, duct tape outfit!
 Rain soccer and javelin throwing.

 Hanging out at the archery range... these were ALL taken by Kayla. And yes that is my sticking my toung out in the back ground. Somethings never change!
 Some super cute girls! We had a great week except for that rainy day... but we still had fun. I didn't take pictures of all the naughty things I did but I know some of the girls took pictures of the naughty things I told them to do... I think it might have had something to do with toilet paper... but no pictures of bras on the flag pole, or hanging on the Olympic rings, snakes in beds, or the likes... probably best not to show those things, guess I shouldn't mention them on here either.... to late. No one was harmed in my pranks so I guess that is a good thing.
I wish I had pictures of all I have done since camp but I don't. Larry and I canned 50 some jars of chili and meat, I have taught dance camp every morning for 2 hours, grocery shopped, baby sat 7 kids (not all at the same time.) weeded my entire garden by hand, picked 50 lbs of strawberries, made jam from said strawberries, and a few other projects that are slipping my mind right now... but don't worry I am still running 3 miles a day and have taken a few 12 mile bike rides too. My eyes close the second my head hits the pillow and the next thing I know it is morning... I love my life!


Corinne Ritz said...

I'm thinking that I should recognize some of those girls... but I don't! You're lucky you got to go. Girls Camp ROCKS!

Amanda Davis said...

You should know the White girls. Raechyl and Jerikka, and you should know Tina Stuaffer. She is 2 days older then Ethan. Although they have all grown up since you left so probably not!