Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Vacation 2012

 Caution LOTS O PICTURES coming!!!! We went on our annual vacation to our favorite Lake Owyhee. We love this place and since this is very very long I will add captions where I feel need on other wise just look and you will see all the fun we had. Above is Ethan knee boarding. He perfected his 360 this year and could do it over and over.
 We found this great cove that had a great sandy beach for the kids to play on, swim from pull the boat in and out of and even a cool rock to jump off of that was probably 5 feet above the water.
 Amelia learned to double ski this year! I am so proud of her, she wouldn't give up and got it!!!
 The amazing Bevans came with us for part of the week this year and Hayden loved having Claire there to play with. Here is a cute picture of the 2 of them tubing.
 This was the one trip we got Brooke on the tube.  I think she liked it.... Amelia is a dare devil and loves the tube!

 Sophia liked the tube and learned to knee board and attempted the wake board as well.
 Ruth and Eden were not going to miss out on all the fun and we got them in the tubes as well (yes we went slow) but Ruth loved it so much that she threw the biggest fit of her life when we took her out!
 Eden didn't love it quiet as much but started to not hate it after a few minutes....
 Sophie learned to drive the boat!

 Amelia's annual messy smore face and our nightly camp fire that when it is 90 degrees out you don't want to sit next to but how else are you going to eat smores so just sit back with a big stick!

 Allison did great on 2 skis and did get up on one too! She tried everything we threw at her though! That always makes it more fun!

 I was so proud of Hayden she learned how to ski on our "horseshoe" ski that Larry built! She was nervous at first but Amelia showed her how and she got right on it and did a great job!!! She even made some money off of it. (ok we paid her to do it because I knew she wanted to but was a little scared so we paid her to try and she LOVED it! Worth all the $4 we paid her!)
 These water guns are the excitement everyday, who gets them... who you squirt....
 I must have snapped this picture of Ali relaxing really fast because I don't think she was on that for even 5 minutes till her girls came and dumped her off and took over. There are some fierce pirates at that lake I tell you!
 I couldn't get Ruth to relax in the water for me the first day but she LOVED it when daddy went in with her and has been a fish since! SHE LOVED her "boaty" as she called her floaty!

 Cutie pie Claire! I love this kid!
 Ethan and Sophie on the tubes
 PILE O KIDS on the sea bike and raft.
 I thought this was Sophie on the knee board but it looks like Ali to me. Ali correct me if I am wrong!

 On Tuesday Larry took the older 3 kids for a hike up to the top of the mountain on the other side of the lake. They loved it and I am so proud of Amelia and Brock for doing it. That was a big hike!

 At the top or almost you can almost see the tiny speck of our boat in the cove at the bottom of the MT.
 Amelia after BBQ chicken... Larry and I are hoping that her eating habits will keep the boys away till she is over 20 then maybe she will learn to eat with out looking like THIS!
 Larry took the older 4 fishing one afternoon that was to yucky for skiing. Hayden caught the biggest one!

 Brock is a great double skier
 Ethan got up on Slalom this year. He had been working on it last year but got up first time out this year! He got good enough he is cutting across the wake really well! We are so proud of him for not giving up. We can hardly get him to do anything else now because he is "a serious skier now!"
 Sassy Ruth I just loved her! She actually had shoes on in these pictures! I fought her almost all week and finally gave up. She did NOT want shoes on but there are pokies everywhere! So everyone and a while she would step on one and say OOOOOWWWW and I would say "well wear your shoes" and she would brush it off say no and move on. Oh well no injuries!
 She loved this lady bug!
 Ruth also hauled wood! So cute! It was a great week full of sun, fun, skiing, friends, and yummy food! I love that place but by the end of the week I want a gallon of lotion! We just keep hoping our friends that have come with us will have thought it was worth the drive and come again.


Corinne Ritz said...

SO MUCH FUN! I love that the "Amazing Bevans'" came too! It was fun for me to see all these fun pictures. I really cannot believe how grown up all the kids are. Where exactly is this lake. I'm going to look it up. Do you guys have your own boat? How fun!

Amanda Davis said...

Corinne, This lake is in Eastern Oregon. Outside of Vale. We do have our own boat. We bought it the month Amelia turned 1 so we have had it 7 years now! It has made us many fun family memories!