Thursday, May 16, 2013

Stuff we are up too (catching up)

 Amelia is playing Volleyball this spring. It is a new sport for her and she is loving it. They have only lost one game the whole season with one left! It has been a lot of fun and no stress for me which is wonderful! Gotta love in door sports when you don't have to sit in the cold and rain!

 Larry built these American Girl Doll size beds for the school auction and I made the bedding. It was lots of fun and they turned out so cute I thought!!! It was kind of cute that both of them were sold to teachers.
 We will be making a few more for the Bazaar in November. My only worry is making the bedding something someone else will love. But hopefully it will be neutral enough and cute enough any one will want them.
On top of this I have made a few crafts for our house, (I hardly ever do this anymore. Most of what I make I make to sell!) I even made a gift for my brother and his new wife.  This is our "D" wall. I know I totally copied Julia Ditto. I just loved her wall and thought Hey we are D's as well and it would be so much fun to do. So for over a year I have been on the hunt for D's I finally had enough to get it up. I am still on the search for a few more. The 7 represents the 7 of us. I can't take a picture of the other one because it isn't hanging yet... I need help with that one. I will post that when it is up.

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