Saturday, April 13, 2013

Catching up.... Spring at the Davis house and WHY I haven't posted in over a month...

 In March my Brother and Sister in law went to Hawaii and we got to have two of their kids for the week. It was so much fun! Tyrah and MacQuarrie are so much fun and great kids. On the last day they were here the girls played dress up and had a great time!
Oh and during this week Larry and I also had our 14th wedding anniversary. It was a super busy day. We had 7 to 12 kids at our house all day long,and  I ate dinner at mutual for the etiquette dinner. But totally worth it! It was an anniversary but at the same time we had really celebrated last month with 2 nights away and I knew that we were doing what was really important. I love him everyday!

 MacQuarrie just thought it was fun to watch. He sure is is fun kid!
 The next week was spring break. It was a lot of "fun" It was SUPER busy that day but the weather was just about perfect. Not to cold and not raining! So here are my Eaglets in the nest.

 Can't you just hear Ruth saying FLAMINGOOOO!!
 LOOK Brock is actually smiling! This kid hardly ever smiles for pictures.

 By the end of the day I wished this was a real lion!!!!

 The baby elephant Lily was the highlight of the day. Her mom pooped and peed and she ran over to it, smelled it and ran away. My kids thought this was SOOOOOO FUNNY! Even Ruth told everyone we saw for several days about this event!

 The other activities we did during spring break was we went to the movies one day and saw the "Croods" so funny! We all had a great time. One day we had to go shoe shopping. Ethan needed new shoes for track, Amelia needed new boots, and tennis shoes for volleyball. That was a fun day. Shoe shopping with 5 kids!!! We tried to make it fun, we did go out for lunch. Then on one day Brock and I got to go to a Blazer vs. Jazz game. It was lots of fun! Jazz won! We got to go out to dinner to. This was suppose to be a Larry, Me, Ethan and Brock date, but due to some Behavior malfunctions Ethan didn't get to go and due to some work malfunctions Larry couldn't go so Brock and I went with our friends Todd and Allison Bevans. It was fun. Brock loved the dinner, and snow cones! Over all it was a great week, and month! Now we are half way into April!
 Easter was the last weekend of Spring break. That Saturday Larry and I had gone to the temple then came home and colored eggs with the kids. Ruth LOVED this and had a great time. She was pretty sad when she broke one but quickly learned that she was not the only one to break one so it was all OK.

 A few shots of them in their super cute Easter clothes. I couldn't get one where they were all "normal" so there are a few just cute ones.

 We didn't all "match" this year but I did color coordinate all the outfits which was fun. All different but go together.

 Today's big event was Brock has wanted to learn guitar and I found a teacher so today we went looking for the guitar. I was just going to buy one off craigslist but we ended up going into a store figuring we would just learn how to shop for one and wound up finding one that was a great price and had all the warranty stuff you don't get buying used. The sales man was so nice to Brock and really helped us feel like we knew what we were looking for, and that we were getting the right one. It was a great deal and are super excited to hear some music coming from it! Lessons start this week and Brock promises to practice. Brock and I are even going to attend a free group class there at the store next week just for fun.

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