Monday, February 18, 2013

New Boat

 Last year Larry and I set a goal to "up grade" on our boat. We have had the boat we had for 8 years and have loved it! But we have 2 more kids then we did then and it was feeling a little small... So we were hoping to have the money together to buy this winter (best time to buy price wise). We made our goal and Larry had been shopping. We found the perfect one for our family and went to pick it up last weekend. We made arrangements to have our house treated while we were out by the exterminator (aka my amazing cousin Braden). So we had to be gone for at least 4 hours. So we made a day of it we started by picking the boat up then we thought we would go to OMSI. (My in laws get us a family member ship for Christmas each year. Which we LOVE!) We spent a few hours there and had fun. It was nice to have Larry with me this time. He was able to take the older 3 to do some of the big kid things that would be boring to the little girls and I took the little girls to the playground part for a while. We also had not been to the Temple visitor center so we went to check it out.

 They loved getting to see the temple. It was closed for cleaning so it was really quiet there. (Well until my kids got there anyway). Ruth was really excited about the angel on top. She was saying she wanted to climb the temple to be up there with the temple. I asked her "do you think Jesus wants you to climb the temple?" She replied, "Jesus, climb temple, pleeeeeease?" In her sweetest voice. It was cute! Even the next day in church a sister said something about the temple in her talk and Ruth perked right up and said, "Angel me climb up!"

 On our way home we stopped in Salem to test drive the boat in the river. It was cold!!! But the kids had a great time just going up and down the river a few times! Ruth actually hated it at first because I didn't get in when they first took off because I had to go park the truck and trailer they came back for me. Once I was in the boat she calmed down. It was a very busy and fun day! Now we are just looking forward to some summer weather! Till then Larry has a few projects he wants to do to get it all ready for the ski season!

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