Monday, February 4, 2013

Amelia turns 9!

 Amelia's birthday fell on a Sunday this year so we decided to party all weekend.... We had a party for her friends on Friday at Frozation. It was so awesome. They let you reserve the room for FREE!!! That is right FREE! They let you use their space for free, you can bring in what ever you want, they have a TV, and xbox (if you want either) they will let you decorate the room if you want! They even give you smaller cups so you don't end up with kids getting to much ice cream. It was awesome. I made cup cakes and brought those. They girls made bracelets, and when we were waiting for moms at the end they played apples to apples Jr. They had a blast and so did I because I didn't have to clean my house to prepare or the aftermath! It was AMAZING! I will do that again for sure!!!

 The girls had a great time! Amelia's friends know her really well and she got some really nice things that are just exactly what she loves!

 The ONLY thing she asked for for her birthday was a journal that had a lock on it. (This way she could keep Ruth out of it and she couldn't scribble in it.) I found one that was wood that comes with paints and all kinds of things to decorate it. She was in heaven! It's like 2 gifts in one a craft (which she loves) and a journal. She was pretty excited.
We also got her a horse for her American Girl dolls. It isn't the actual AG brand we bought it at Costco during Christmas because we knew she would love it and we just hid it till now. It was a hug hit! And what girl doesn't love a surprise! So It was a fun day!

 She asked for "banana split" ice cream cake. So I made strawberry cake, chocolate cake, and layered it with banana split ice cream, strawberry ice cream, hot fudge, strawberry topping, and broken up pieces of strawberry/ chocolate Oreos. After it was all frozen back together I frosted it with that cool whip chocolate frosting. Which is SOOOOOO good. Then of course since it is a banana split cake had to put some whipped topping, cherries and sprinkles. Yes not the prettiest cake but ooooooo so good!

 Since Amelia's birthday fell on fast Sunday and Superbowl Sunday I tried to help it still feel like her day. I made a balloon avalanche for her in the morning (surely that is better then breakfast right?) I made her special dinner on Friday after her party and her special breakfast on Saturday before Larry and I left to the temple. Then cake  and our presents on her actual birthday!
Happy birthday to my big girl! Last year being single digits. This girl is amazing!!! She is a great big sister who tries to be a peace maker. She is self motivated. When she gets home from school she goes right to doing her homework, does it with little to no help, and the same with her morning jobs. I hardly ever have to get her back on task! I sure love this girl and she has been a hug blessing in our life! She was a great baby and toddler too!!! I am such a lucky mom!!!

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