Monday, February 18, 2013

Young Women's New Beginings

 I am blessed to get to work with the young women in our ward. I am the second counselor and get to work with the Bee hives (girls 12-13 years old) They have blessed my life for a little more then 3 years and this has been my most favorite new beginnings program so far. It truly was inspired by the spirit and it came together beautifully!
We did one table for each value decorated in it's color. White is Faith (above) Blue is Divine Nature. Since this years theme for the youth is Stand in Holy Places we did the whole thing in shoes.
 Red is for Individual Worth
 Green For Knowledge
 Orange Choice and Accountability
 Yellow Good Works
 Purple is Integrity
 Gold Virtue

 I had seen on a blog (I found on pintrest) where someone used this idea for some other theme a few years ago and thought it was perfect for our theme so we used it! It was fun finding all these shoes. With in the presidency we actually had most of them. I only had to track down a few.

 In January's New Era there was a new Mormon add (Posters that help the youth remember what they stand for or like an object lesson in one picture) This new add was for the theme and the boy was standing some where and the temple was his shadow. Sister Jackson and I saw it and both got so excited about it and thought it would be amazing if we could do that with all our girls. It all developed into this amazing night! We asked a wonderful couple in our ward who are photo shop wizards, we took the pictures and they fixed them up with the words and the temple shadows. It was truly a miracle that they did such an amazing job and we got ALL the girls done on time! They really did turn out beautifully and the girl got to take them all home to hang on their walls. My pictures of their pictures may not be as great but in person they were amazing. Our idea was for them to each choose a place where ever they wanted, and they were going to think about how the Young Women Values help them stand in holy places where ever they are. Then during the program they each took a turn and said how the values help them do that. They all did an amazing job. They amaze me all the time but this night they knocked it out of the park.

We have some very amazing girls. I am sure I said that already, but I was so touched as they all shared how they stand in holy places. Because they truly do strive to make everywhere they are a holy place and it fills my heart with love and pride for these girls! The program and the pictures were all great. For our dessert we had foods of every color of the values and a chocolate fountain to dip them in! MMMMM!

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