Monday, March 20, 2017

18th anniversary

Larry and I went to the beach this weekend to celebrate our 18th anniversary. It was so relaxing and so quiet!  Larry got to blow a glass ball for our Christmas tree. He's wanted to do it for a few years. We also went to Ripleys Believe it or Not,the Wax Work Meuseum,  and the under water sea garden. Larry had never been to them either. We decided that they are definitely NOT worth taking the kids. We had dinner at our favorite place "Fathoms" right at sunset. It was such a beautiful day Saturday. Sunday we went to church in Lincoln City and got to see one of our favorite missionaries that served in Monmouth. Elder Folkersen. A bunch of people from our ward were there too because it was Lincoln City's ward conference. The kids had a great time spending the weekend with their cousins at Sam and Jenniann's.

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