Thursday, March 16, 2017

Thrifty Thursday at Hoodoo

It was the first time we have taken all the kids skiing. On Thursdays they do a cheap day so we jumped on that. Hayden and Ruth took a half day lesson because it was their first time. I hadn't been since sixth grade so it was like starting over. But I remembered quickly. We all had so much fun and the kids want to make it a tradition. I'll be honest I was a little cranky when we got there because I'm afraid of heights, and I don't like going fast down hills  (on bikes,  tubes,or anything else really). And I just realized that NOW I had to do both.  (I knew that when we planned it but it was actually real NOW.) But once I got the hang of it it was ok. I had so much fun.  So glad we got to come. So glad we had great weather. And so glad we got to bring our honorary child Jocie Dunmire.

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