Thursday, February 3, 2011

Look Who's 7!!!!

My sweet girl is 7 already. It seems so hard to believe! The time seems to have flown by! We are so blessed to have Amelia in our family! She fills our home with love and joy! She is such a good sister. She loves to help with Ruth and Ruth just adores her. Today when I took Amelia lunch at school we sat with her and Ruth just kept hugging and kissing Amelia. Amelia is not only a wonderful sister to the baby but to everyone. She loves to help Hayden, and "trick" her into doing what ever it is that mommy has asked, she is one of Brock's best friends and they can play for hours with out an argument! She also looks up to her biggest brother and tries to help him out when she can as well. She loves to help me and quiet a bit lately she will come to me and ask what she can do to help just for no reason at all. She works hard at being a good girl, is a great student and is doing well in school. She truly is kind to everyone. I love this girl and hope she is always as sweet, kind, thoughtful, and fun to be with. She loves to dance, sing, and play. I love getting to spend time with her just one on one because she is so much fun. I am a lucky momma to have her! She is also very beautiful and I hear her daddy say that quiet often. He says it to me quite a bit even when Amelia can't hear him. He sure loves his little girl as well!


Julia Shinkle said...

Happy Birthday Amelia!!! Have fun at your party.

Kelli said...

Happy Birthday!

Mo said...

She's a beauty!!!