Monday, February 14, 2011


So Larry turns 35 on Thursday! He and I have had some long talks lately about our childhoods and things we have done and have never done. I found that my husband has NEVER had a birthday party. The year he turned 31 we went out to dinner with a few friends and I think that is the closest he has ever been... anyway I thought this was the year and he needed a party!!! So I called up all our friends and they came through. We met at this great pizza place in West Salem and they surprised him. I love that it actually was a surprise and he wasn't suspiciouse! We had pizza, his favorite cake (German CHocolate!) and played pin the tale on the Donkey. I wanted a pinata and a few other games but I thought the pizza place might not appreciate it... It was a lot of fun though. Happy Birthday sweetie! More surprises await you!!!


Julia Shinkle said...

That was sweet of you Amanda. You are such a good wife.

Denise G said...

What fun. Happy Birthday Larry. Every grown up should be a kid from time to time.

Mo said...

Happy Birthday Larry! Sorry none of could make it over. That's your birthday present from us!