Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Dinner

Every year for Valentine's Day I make an all red dinner. It had become a fun little tradition in our home. I don't always do the same food, but I do try to stick to things that are more naturally red to avoid to much food coloring!



So this year it was stuffed shells, with marinara sauce, garlic bread, cherry Jello, beats, and 7up!

I die the butter pink and then make the garlic bread with it so the bread will be red/ pink as well. Some years we have had strawberry milk, this year we had cherry 7up. The kids loved this addition!
Every night at dinner we go around the table and say what our best and worst part of the day is. (This is helping my kids talk about their day, take turns and listen to each other, it has helped a ton with manners!) Anyway for Valentines I thought we would change it up to make it special. We went around the table and took turns saying something that we love about each member of our family. Ruth was totally rude and didn't say she loved anyone... but I think we know regardless! It was nice to hear each of them say nice things about each other and I think they each really liked feeling loved by all the others.
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