Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Brock turns 11 (late)

I know I know I use to be the super nice mom who posted ON my kids birthday's and made it super special... well no one reads this anyway and I basically use this as a picture journal. So I have gotten behind sometimes.
 The only thing Brock asked for for his birthday was Dinosaur legos. I bought these the same time I bought the one he got for reading the Book of Mormon (I hope I posted about that...?) I just hid these in my room till his birthday. He was really excited. A couple days before his birthday we (Larry and I) took him out to see Jurasic Park in the theater and for dinner. This kid has loved dinos since he was 3! I was worried it might be to scary but he LOVED it! In 3D it was way more fun!

 He chose a home made cookie dough ice cream cake! MMMM! I have to admit I am loving that my kids are starting to go for taste vs what animal/ object they want their cake to look like. Don't get me wrong. I loved making them and had lots of fun doing it and have a few more years to do it for Ruth but for now I will enjoy this very YUMMY cake!
 Brock has a hard time picking what to do for his birthday every year! In March I took Ethan to Lazer tag and pizza with his friends for his 13th birthday. He loved it!! Brock was sure that was what he wanted to do. So we loaded up the van with 10-11 year old boys (and Ethan) and away we went.

 They all had a great time spending the tickets they earned.
 The very next week Brock and 2 other cub scouts got to do their cross over into Boy Scouts and earn their Arrow of Light award. We were proud of him. It was hard sometimes for him. Ethan loved scouts and flew threw stuff but there were times Brock struggled with it. He is fired up about Boy Scouts now so we will see how far we get with it.

Good job Brock! We love you and are so happy you are part of our family! I'm sure a lucky mom!

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