Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Family Pictures FINALLY!

 We haven't had family picture taken since Ruth was 6 weeks old! I have had the kids done but not all of us! Sad I know. 3 years later here we are. I won't comment on all of them because I chose to post a lot of them. Thanks MacKennzie I love them and have them on my wall already!
 Ethan age 13

 Amelia age 9

 Ruth age 3 (1/2)

 Hayden age 6 (1/2)

 Brock age 11 (almost in this picture!)

 I love this family shot... I should have blown it up for the wall!
 If you can't tell this was really one of the last ones. Ruth was on the RUN! She was SO Done. Happy but not wanting to sit or listen anymore time to explore!!!

I don't know if you can tell I am having to hold on to Ruth for dear life. She was about done and was hitting everyone (playing) and ready to RUN!

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