Friday, February 12, 2016

A few pictures...

Last summer (2015), all of my family was together for the first time! So my mom did a photo shoot with all of us and then as families. I only got copies of our family this week so I thought I'd put a few up since we haven't had family pictures taken in 3 years! Unless you count Disneyland then 2. So these are the most recient and they are 6 months old. So that is pretty good! These were all taken in my parents back yard. It's like a magical place my kids love to play!
 Not ONE picture had all of us looking the same direction and not making a weird face. This was the closest one and it just looks like Brock is just a head...
 Sassy Ruth age 5 1/2
 Hayden 8 1/2
 Brock 13
 Ethan 15
 Amelia 11 1/2

Just the two of us!
 A few funny ones with a few of the cousins. I wish I had some of everyone. But I thought Johnnie would like these.

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