Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Funny kids

I realized I have posted so funny things on facebook that I wanted to share here so I don't forget them.
#1 Today Ruth and I were discussing what women can do when they grow up and she said, "I want to be a doctor or a hairstylist, how can I be both. ...I know I'll do doctoring one day and hairing the next! Ya that's how I'll do that!  Feb 16,2016
#2 Loving listening to me newly 12year old daughter's sleep over. They are now having sing along dancing in the living room. .. when I turned 12 I had a slumber party and I remember singing and dancing to Bon Jovi. This may shock some of you who know I'm a die hard New Kids on the Block fan. But right at age 12 I also had a HUGE crush on Jon Bon Jovi. So there is a little known fact for you all. (Except my mom who may remember listening to us belt out Bad Medicine, and you gave love a bad name, and wanted. ..) he only came second to my love for NKOTB. ANYWAY my daughter is having a sing along to Disney songs, mixed with a few from our dance classes. Makes me smile! Feb 5,2016
#3 Today picking Ruth up from school we heard a boy teasing a little girl calling her a "poo poo" over and over. I hesitated to say something only long enough to hear Ruth yell "NO! That's a bad word and I shouldn't hear that! " I did ask him a little softer to be nice. She is so bold! Not afraid of the big kids. I'm not too worried about her taking care of herself and asserting what ok and what's NOT. She must get that from aunt Emily Apilado. Jan 28th 2016
#4 After a long morning of fits over homework, I made the wrong breakfast and all the food I make is disgusting, and don't comb my hair, your putting my socks on wrong. ... I told her she could eat breakfast at school and talk to her teacher about her homework because I tried to help with all of the above and she chose NOT to let me help. ..(I also kept reminding her she had choices this or that, this or that... you don't choose I choose for you. ...) we get in the car, only because I KNEW she won't walk to school in that mood.... we get in and on the radio the song says "don't have anyone to blame but my self" over and over. I turned it up for effect.... Jan 6, 2016 
Just keeping it real! LOVE my kids and their funnies!

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