Thursday, February 11, 2016

Elephant hooded towel

This is my first attempt at a craft post. I love to craft and do regularly but I never have posted a tutorial. So I thought I might try one today since I actually had to make this one up as I went. I searched pintrest for a pattern and couldn't find one so I winged it and figured I'd share.
So I made this elephant hooded towel. It is for a baby shower I am going to next weekend. I doubt she will see this so I'm not worried about sharing this. So I bought a large grey bath towel, hand towel, and wash cloth. I also used some scrap minky fabric I had in my stash and 2 black buttons.
I started by cutting the hand towel in half. The fat way so you have 2, almost, squares. (I thought I took a picture of this step but it isn't showing up.) Then take the washcloth and cut it in half corner to corner like this
These are for the ears. I took a piece of paper and drew a large B
Then I cut this out on both of the triangles. I also cut it out on the minky. You can use any fabric, I suppose, or another towel, Or you could just serge the edge and leave the ears at the shape you cut them out!
Then I sewed the ears together right sides together (leave a small opening on the straight edge to turn them right side out) Then sew the whole shut turning edges in.

Next I took the left over piece of hand towel and cut it at and angle like this...

 Then you are going to fold it over so it looks like and ice cream cone. Like this.
Then I cut the tip off. This is the trunk.!
 I laid it out and folded it like this and sewed the side edge shut.
 I took a tiny piece of the minky and tucked it into the tip of the trunk so it will show at the bottom of the trunk. I know sooooo technical. But again I was winging it and that's how I roll. I sewed it into the bottom of the trunk as well
When you turn it right side out it will look like this.
Now you have your ears and trunk ready to attach so first I attached my elephant ears so that I wouldn't have to try to attach them while the hood was already a triangle. So I folded the towel, like it is going to look when it is the hood. Like this
Then I pinned the ears to the fold don't pin through both layers of the towel! You are only going to sew it at an angle pin it on like this.

My ears were bigger then the triangle but I planned it like that. I wanted to add a few pleats so that the ears would be big and floppy. You can cut the ears so they are the same size as your triangle if you want. Then open the triangle and sew it just like that. (I wanted the seem to the back of the hood and the ears to be able to flop forward.)
Now both my ears are on like this. Be sure to leave a little space at the tip of the triangle so that you can sew your hood shut with out having to sew through your ears.
The next step was to sew the hood shut so fold the hood shut with the right sides together. (Ears in side like this.)
Sorry I didn't realize that was blurry! But you are going to sew the top of the triangle together. Then turn right side out.
Next pin your trunk where you want it to lay
I sewed it on right there. Then add your button eyes (sorry I missed taking a picture of that one. I'm assuming you can figure that part out!)
Next I folded my towel and my hood in half to find the middle and pined the middles together and sewed the hood to the towel!
That is it! I rolled it up to show the head for the bottom one. I hope this was helpful. Since I couldn't find a pattern anywhere.

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