Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Ethan started school this week. Half days this week because of Parent teacher conferences but he loves his new teacher. Brock is so excited to get started too. Because of the half day schedule the Kindergartners don't start till next week. Someday when I figure out how to add pictures I will show you how cute they both were for their first day of school! Amelia gets to do the Mommy and Me preschool again this year. She is so cute because she always says "I go to go with out Brock! Because he goes to Kindergarten!" Last year she got to do the Mommy and Me school with Brock so this will be an all new adventure for all of them. Hayden and I will enjoy the 2 hours 2 days a week all to ourselves. On the other days the three of us girls will find plenty to do with out our boys.
You can see there is a little bit of anxiety in Ethan's face in these pictures. He was excited too but he had some butterflies that morning. Once he saw that he already knew a lot of the kids in his class and was getting to sit by one of his friends from last year he was all set and ready to go!

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