Friday, September 7, 2007

The Holliday Weekend!

While at the State Fair we got to meet a few "celebrities" Smokey The Bear was one of my favorites! I learned so much from him as a child because my dad really liked quoting him for some reason! But I still know that "Only YOU can prevent forest fires" We also met the Tree man and some Peacock lady.

Of course when you're at the Fair you must eat Fair food! We did our usual and went to the All you can eat BBQ place. We love it and the kids ate for free. (Except for Amelia who insisted she wanted a corn dog and then ended up eating half of my food anyway!)

Ethan has become quiet the rock climber. They have a climbing wall at school but it is like 6 feet high and they don't get to go very high. But at the Fair he just climbed right up to the top like it was nothing! I was really supprised! He is quiet the monkey. He showed his skills off some more when we went to Silver Creek Falls later that weekend! (Sorry the picture is sideways I haven't figured out how to turn it yet! Any tips!) We thought we would try to cram as much fun into our last weekend of summer as we could. Saturday we went to the State Fair and then Monday we took the kids hiking at Silver Creek Falls. We just did the small loop so we ended up hiking close to 3 miles once all was said and done. As you can see Larry packed Amelia part of the time. Unfortunately I didn't get pictures of him packing Brock. When Brock got tired Amelia would let him have a turn on Daddy's back. I packed Hayden the whole way. (She napped most of the time) We all had fun seeing the beauty that our Father in Heaven has created for us and spending some great quality time together as a family.

It was a beautiful day! He was a big help because Larry and I were both packing kids on our backs someone had to pack water. So Ethan was our water boy! He did a great job! It is fun having kids big enough to do fun things like this.
Ethan got to show off some more of his rock climbing while at Silver Creek Falls! He wanted to check out every cave, every rock and anything else inbetween. I think he will make a great scout! Only one year left till Cubs start!
We had to include Hayden and I in the blog. You can't see Hayden very good but she was a great hiker!!!
After the hike was over the kids and Dad all got to cool off in the swimming area of Silver Creek Falls. I think this may have been their favorite part! Made the whole hike worth it.

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