Friday, September 7, 2007

Prineville Res. With the Workman's

This is my Nephew Hyrum. He is so stinking cute! He loved driving the boat and wasn't affraid to tell us that he was going to drive the boat. Hyrum also went for a ride on the tube with his mom. We sure loved taking them all out and having a fun day just making memories with the family! For those of you who don't know that is the real reason we have a boat. It gives us something fun to do as a family and with friends that we can all enjoy and helps us have some great memories, and build good relationships with each other.

We were really glad we took the boat to Prineville and hang out with my Brother's and their families for the day!

Johnnie was so brave and just a dare devil on the tube! I was kind of supprised! Brigham wasn't interested in riding on the tube but had fun on the boat. Lia liked riding on the boat too. They all enjoyed going for a ride even when it was really bummpy!

The kids all had a good time playing in the sand, and swimming while they were waiting for their turn on the boat. Brock almost didn't get another turn on the boat because he was busy playing in the sand.

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