Saturday, November 8, 2008


I think I have talked about how Amelia and I are doing Pre-school at home this year. Well I have been meaning to talk more about it because it has been so much fun for both of us! Each week we focus on a Letter, number, shape, and color. We are also working on other things like opposites, rhyming and things like that. But we always do a craft that goes with the letter of the week. Sometimes more then one. And other times we do one that is just fun. Our very first week when we did "A" we stamped on our A paper with an apple that we cut in half, and we made a paper mache apple. Each week we make a letter and hang it in her room. On "B" week we made a Band aid, and button collage on our letter B.... you get the idea. This week we are on J. So we did Jar painting. So we used Jars to stamp on our big J. (when it is dry it will join the letter wall in her room!) I bought these really cool paints that you can use on windows and glass and we use them on our big glass door to practice writing her name and letters we have learned. (You can see the ghost I painted there a few weeks ago just for fun in the background of the first picture).

Amelia stamping with her Jar

These are the apples we made the first week and the pumpkin we made last week. I wanted to use a balloon to do the pumpkin but I didn't get to the store in time. So the pumpkin is a little small but awesome still. Amelia is becoming quite the expert at paper mache. She really does it all by herself. She doesn't like me to help her! She gets it pretty smooth on her own. I would say as good or better then I do. She loves it! In fact Lucia, our friend that comes to our house to do pre-school with us doesn't like her hands to get dirty so Amelia did her's too. It was pretty cute!
Here is more of the jar stamping but you can see the cute pumpkin face we made last week in the background. I think I love doing preschool with her as much as she does. It is one on one time we haven't ever had before and it lets me appreciate the sweet smart little girl she is. After all next year she will start Kindergarten! At least we only have 1/2 day kindergarten here. That will help me ease into not having her with me all the time! I love this little girl!
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Rachel said...

What a great idea with the paint!! Your such a good mom!! I should be doing this with my Mr. Corbin... Maybe I'll start on Monday!

Amanda said...

I actually have a book about arts and crafts you can do with every letter of the alphabet. I found it at the library and loved it so much I bout it on Amazon for like $3 with shipping! LOVE IT!

Rory Baxter said...

what fun ideas you have! I cant believe she is going to kindergarten next year already - the time has really flown by!

Annette said...

Happy Birthday Hayden!!