Thursday, November 6, 2008

Are you ready to RUMBLE?!

This week my boys started wresting. It is done in a 5 week camp with just one tournament at the end. Which is just perfect for us. Only 2 nights a week, with 1 hour practices. So it isn't to much stress, to much time, and lets them get a taste of it to see if it is something they want to do when the get older. Plus they learn enough skill to get them ready if they want to in middle school. It has been a lot of fun and very entertaining so far. Watching them learn the drills is pretty funny. Shockingly enough Brock is not the littlest kid there. Although I think the kid that is smaller is 4. But that doesn't matter. He has a lot of fun! So is Ethan. They are so excited every time I tell them to get ready to go and the whole way home they talk about all the cool stuff they did. It is fun for me because I grew up in wrestling country so I enjoy watching. The girls like to go (when dad isn't home to stay with them). Amelia will try to do some of the drills sitting by me and Hayden gets in to it to. It is pretty funny!

Ethan practicing with one of the other boys

Brock trying to block the other boy's shot

Again Brock blocking. Usually Brock just shoves the other kid. He keeps saying he is going to Karate and I keep trying to explain to him he can't hit and it isn't Karate it is WRESTLING! He is getting there.
Brock doing the "bear crawl" during warm up! Next time I will try to get a clip of his warm up. It is a riot!Posted by Picasa

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