Friday, October 31, 2008


Every year we have done a "theme" as a family for our costumes. We have done, spiders, firefighter, The Wizard of Oz, Toy Story 2, and Batman. This year in the name of being frugal we did "reruns" so everyone wore something that had been worn before.

Brock was our Dino boy (bought super cheep used on ebay)

Ethan borrowed this Luke Skywalker one from the Bevan's

Hayden was the penguin last year with our Batman theme.

I bought this Care bear costume last year on ebay before we had decided to do Batman. So I talked Amelia into wearing it this year. She really wanted to be a princess but I knew this was getting to small so consented to wear it this year and be a princess next year.
Hayden loved getting all the candy! It was a fun dry Halloween!

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Kim said...

Everyone looks super cute, and the weather here was beautiful too, after Oregon rain, I will take a dry Halloween any year.

Ringleader said...

It was very nice that the rain relented for Trunk or Treat and Trick or Treat here in Oregon last night!

The Hawaiian Gards said...

too cute!

Rachel said...

Everyone Looks Great!!! We did a rerun with corbins costume this year. Nothing wrong with that!! ;)
We had rain this halloween, just like every year.

Williams bunch said...

Amanda do you know what manuwl the 8-11 year olds will use next year?? Thanks

Alli said...

Smart to do re-runs! I appreciated the cooperating weather too.